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IMMU9 Mega Immunity Booster

Herbal House presents you IMMU9 Prash (Malt) enriched with 55 types of high quality Life Saving Herbs, Herbal Powders and Quaths; which synergestically boost the immune system of the bodyy & miracously improves the metabolism along with the internal defense system; providing cure from all types of ailments.

IMMU9 is a Mega Immunity Booster with Immunostimulant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-viral properties.

IMMU9 is formulated to help:

1. Fight infections that affect your respiratory tract, by eliminating the accumulated toxins. 2. Strengthen your Cardio-vascular system, Renal system and Nervous system. 3. Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue. 4. Provide Energy, Stamina and Endurance 5.Cure digestive problems like flatulence, acidity abdominal discomfort 6. Act as an excellent liver tonic while eliminating free radicals & oxidants 7.Help Increase the levels of WBCs, RBCs, Platelets and Macrophages

IMMU9 Immunity Booster

IMMU9 is an All Rounder Immunobooster to protect you from the Inside Out and designed to balance the Tridoshas (vata, pita and kapha)

IMMU9 IS A POWER PACKED COMBO FOR THE MODERN CONSUMER TO PROVIDE THE DAILY DOSE OF OF IMMUNITY. It has an incredible power to delay aging and enhances life span if used regularly.

How to Use-

DOSAGE- One Spoonful (10-20 gm) of IMMU9 with milk or water, once a day. Can also be applied on bread or as directed by the physician. STORAGE- Store in a cool and dry place below 30 degree celsius.

To know about the Ingredients of IMMU9

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