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DENTUNE The Tooth Elixir

India’s First Researched & Developed 2 Drop Tooth Elixir (Liquid Toothpaste) for Oral Care.

Creating millions of natural happy SMILES

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A Daily use Tooth Elixir that goes beyond freshening to purify breath and leaves a feeling of clean, like no other can. DENTUNE, Our Revolutionary Product is your own personal shield against all bacteria and viruses that accumulate in your mouth and throat. DENTUNE, your own personal Mouth Avenger at your fingertips, to fight the Modern day infections that are being faced by the world nowadays. We have taken this unique combination to a new level that sets the highest standard in modern natural oral care.

DENTUNE The Tooth Elixir

A Premium Product to make your Gums Healthy and Teeth Strong. This formula is a living potion filled with Herbal oils, Herbal extracts, Enzymes and Minerals in their natural state which work together like Magic in fighting Cavities, Teeth Sensitivity, Swollen & Receding gums, Bad Breath and Tooth Decay.

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The Dentune Tooth Elixir is a versatile blend of Natural Botanical Herbal Extracts & Herbal Oils, which work synergistically to help your oral environment to detoxify and heal itself. These Natural Botanical Extracts are being used, for Dental Problems, in Unani & Ayurvedic Systems, for the past 5000 years with zero cases of side-effects. All of its ingredients have been harvested ethically and sustainably; nothing synthetic or artificial, only pure plant essences and extracts that meet our strict safety standards and all applicable government regulations. Does NOT contain Alcohol.

When we make our Natural Oral Care, We combine the following ingredients: Earth, Water, Oils, and Love

Yes, it is a change from our habit of toothpaste and its taste, But worth the a healthier mouth.

Action Of Dentune

DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR soothes and protect oral tissues against irritations. When you swish it through your teeth, your saliva naturally activates the elixir’s enzymes, unleashing a torrent of regenerative energetic healing vibrations in your mouth. It is Anti microbic, increase circulation in the gums and reduce bacteria in the mouth, Enlivening your teeth and gums. Contains a mouth moisturizing system to help protect the oral environment & relieve dryness. Inhibits bacteria that cause cavities, plaque and gingivitis.It is formulated to encourage re-mineralization of tooth enamel, strengthen dentin, bone and gum tissue. Helps clean the tongue & kills 99% of bad breath-causing bacteria found on the tongue.

How To Use

As Liquid Toothpaste: Pour two drops on a wet toothbrush for nice foam and continue brushing as usual. As a Mouthwash: Add three drops to ¼ cup water and swish. For best results, use twice daily.

Guaranteed Relief from Tooth Ache

An ayurvedic alternative to chemical aided toothpastes that provides immediate relief from tooth aches.

PERFECT Solution for Sensitive Teeth!!

Relieve your tooth from sensitivity with our natural remedy that guarantees relief within 48 Hours.

Free from Fluoride

World’s first harmful-fluoride free tooth concentrate. There is simply no alternative.

Lathers like your regular toothpaste

Two drops is all that you need and it lathers just the way you love.

Advance formula replaces Tooth & Gums Paste.

Yes, it is a change from our habit of toothpaste and its taste, But worth the a healthier mouth.

No artificial ingredients or harmful foaming agents

No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavours, No Preservatives, No Triclosan, No Sugar, & , Sodium Laurel Sulfate free.

Indications of DENTUNE:

- Relieves Sensitivity - Soothes Toothache - Eliminates Bad Breath - Fights Cavities - Provides Freshness - Prevents Mouth & Throat infections

- Cures Pyorrhoea - Clears Tartar - Removes Plaque - Prevents Gingivitis - Prevents Tooth Decay - Alleviates Gum Pain & Bleeding Disorders

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DENTUNE- Product Description

India’s First Researched & Developed 2 drop Dentune Tooth Elixir (Liquid Toothpaste) for Oral Care. DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR is a revolutionary, 2 drop liquid Toothpaste Formula made from the finest and most astonishing natural herbs that nature has to offer providing your family with a quick and easy way to oral hygiene.High Quality, DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR is a versatile blend of Natural Botanical Herbal Extracts & Herbal Oils, which work synergistically to help your oral environment to detoxify and heal itself. DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR meets the needs of oral health for human of all ages. Its powerful results while providing fresh oral hygiene will insist you to use brushing regularly and daily. DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR is the RIGHT answer to your search for oral hygiene.


Every droplet of  DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR Contains Extracts & Oils of: Reetha (Sapindus trifoliatus), Tomar beej (Zanthoxylun armatum), Sammunder phen (Sepia officinalis), Prabh. Choornam,  Lavangadi Vati, Khadiradi Vati, Panchgun Oil, Kapurdhara Ark, Excipient Q.S. No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavours, No Preservatives & SLS Free.


There is NO known contraindication to the use of DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR during initial trials & not reported so far by the users for so many years. Patient must avoid excessive use of Sugar Products, Alcohol & Oily Food Items.

Side Effects:

Safety of DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR is well established. DENTUNE TOOTH ELIXIR is Effective without Side Effects. It can be used regularly and daily.

Long Lasting:

A half ounce (15 ml.) bottle will last 2 months or more for a family of 4 persons.


Quantity - 15ml State/Form- Liquid Material- Herbal oils and extracts Type- Liquid Toothpaste/ Elixir in our language Brand- Dentune Flavour Base- Clove Composition- Natural Herbs and Herbal oils Shelf Life- 2 years Safety- Safe and gentle; but at the same time powerful and effective Manufactured by- The Hindustan Herbal Products Country of origin- India


Dentune- The Tooth Elixir [15ml] - INR 149.00/ Rs 149.00 COMBO PACKS- Combo Pack of 2 X Dentune- The Tooth Elixir ; 30ml- INR 298.00/ Rs 298.00 Combo Pack of 5 X Dentune- The Tooth Elixir ; 150ml- INR 745.00/ Rs 745.00 Combo Pack of 10 X Dentune- The Tooth Elixir ; 300ml- INR 1490.00/ Rs 1490.00 NOTE- Prices may vary at the time of SALE