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Ingredients of Dentune

The Dentune Tooth Elixir is a versatile blend of Natural Botanical Herbal Extracts & Herbal Oils, which work synergistically to help your oral environment to detoxify and heal itself. These Natural Botanical Extracts are being used, for Dental Problems, in Unani & Ayurvedic Systems, for the past 5000 years with zero cases of side-effects. All of its ingredients have been harvested ethically and sustainably; nothing synthetic or artificial, only pure plant essences and extracts that meet our strict safety standards and all applicable government regulations.


Prabhakar Choornam

Consists of Majuphal and Akarkara .It is used in the treatment of toothache, pyorrhoea, bleeding and swollen gums. It provides freshness in mouth and helps to strengthen gums and teeth. Removes stains and spots produced due to use of tobacco. Also removes bad breath.


Zanthoxylum alatum extract

Also called as Tomar beej. Tomar Tree is also known as Toothache Tree. Tomar seed oil is said to possess antioxidant properties and it also contains phenolic compounds. It is very useful to stimulate mucous membrane to promote blood circulation. It is widely used in Ayurvedic Systems for its powerful antiseptic and odour fighting potential.


Sepia officinalis extract

It is also known as Samudra fena. It mainly contains Calcium carbonate. It is widely used to treat Gingivitis & Dental Caries. It helps in quick healing of mouth ulcers, relieves pus & discharge and also relieves toothache.

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Sapindus trifoliatus extract

Reetha tree is a highly valued medicinal plant in Ayurveda for its innumerable therapeutic and detoxifying properties. Reetha also goes by several other names like Soapnut, Soapberry and Washnut. The Natural Surfactant Saponin in Reetha plant offers foaming properties and works well as Excellent Cleanser. Furthermore its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helps in treating dental disorders.


Khadiradi Vati extract

Main ingredient of Khadiradi Vati is Catechu (Acacia catechu), which contains Flavonoid principles. These active principles of Catechu exert a significant Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory effect in oral cavity. Bacterial build-up in the mouth leads to bad breath, dental decay and mild discomfort to acute pain in teeth and gums. Khadiradi Vati has following healing properties > Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial, Antioxidant, Antiseptic (appears in oral cavity), Astringent & Emollient (Soothing Effect on Throat) & so prevents bad breath, toothache, gum problems and oral ulcers.


Kapurdhara Ark

It works excellent on any kind of pain & inflammation.

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Lavangadi Vati

It is Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial & Anti allergic. It is demulcent & provides relief in mouth ulcers


Panchgun Oil

Best & Effective Formulation to relieves pain & swelling by soothing the nerves of affected area.


Excipient Q.S.

Other constituents

DENTUNE - The Tooth Elixir

Dentune- The Tooth Elixir, is a Premium Product to make your Gums Healthy and Teeth Strong. This formula is a living potion filled with Herbal oils, Herbal extracts, Enzymes and Minerals in their natural state which work together like Magic in fighting Cavities, Teeth Sensitivity, Swollen & Receding gums, Bad Breath and Tooth Decay.