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ENDODONTIST by Profession. She helped us along our Journey in the Creation of DENTUNE- The Tooth Elixir "When I started to practise, I was amazed to see how many people were suffering from basic dental problems like sensitivity, bleeding gums and bad breath. Even though these are small problems they affect our daily lives in many ways. We can't have our favorite meals, we fear eating ice creams due to sensitivity, we avoid social circles due to our bad breath. we hide our beautiful smile because of bleeding gums. In this rapidly moving world, people barely take time out for brushing their teeth twice and do nothing apart from that for their dental health; this affects the teeth very severely. Our teeth need various important vitamins and remedies which mere brushing with a paste cannot give them. Therefore I along with Herbal House laboratories developed a formula for the overall development and protection of our dental health. Dentune is the first liquid toothpaste made without any chemical salts using the Ayurvedic and Unani solutions with real herbal extracts and oils. We guarantee an overall cure of dental health including sensitivity, bad breath leering gums and much more. " "Use Dentune liquid tooth elixir twice daily, brush your teeth using 2 drops of Dentune, apply on a wet toothbrush. The results can be seen in just 2 weeks"



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