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Himsikhar Khataniar (Guhawati, Assam)

Namaste!! I m from Assam, India. I recently tried Dentune-The Tooth Elixir. Actually i got to know this from one of my friend. I was having sensitivity problem since last 2 years. I tried many toothpastes but they brought me only temporary relief. Then i used your product and it brought a change by actually curing it and not by preventing. I really like your product. It brings magic. Thanks to Dentune😅

Pooja Nagpal (Gurgaon, Haryana)

Dentune is one of a kind product for oral hygiene. I love how it makes foam from just 2 drops, and how it's effects lasts so much longer than normal toothpaste. I would recommend it's use to everyone.

Srijan Gupta (Bangalore, Karnataka)

I suffered from bad breath, tried almost all dental care products in market but nothing worked, And after using this product I'm completely cured. Amazing product!👍👍

Dr. Archit Aggarwal (Faridabad, Haryana)

I would say, Dentune beats the competition of toothpastes available in the market. Amazing product, go and try it out fellas!

Bhanu Thapar (Rajpura, Punjab)

"To cut the story short, i love this tooth concentrate and think it's a great alternative to chemical laden toothpastes. My mother likes it too, in fact she permanently borrowed bottle and is currently holding it hostage. Doh!"

Anjali Jaisinghani (Indore, Madhya Pradesh)

Hey! I used your product Dentune- The tooth elixir, it is really a nice product. I was suffering from a bad breath since 2 years, i tried every toothpaste, home remedies but got no change. Everytime it relapses, but after using this i started noticing change in first 2 weeks and it kept doing better. I really liked ur product. Thanks to Dentune💜

Dr. Milandeep Singh (New Delhi)

Dentune is a brand which if you use once you will forget about all the other toothpaste brands. It is a wonderful product, a new invention in toothpaste as it comes in liquid form. It is easy to store rather than the conventional bulky pastes. It reduced the sensitivity in my teeth like a wonder product. It is a must try convenient and an affordable product. Rightly said as " magic of 2 for your 32"

Muskaan Ahuja (Panchkula, Haryana)

Have been using if for the last 5 years or so, I haven't got any dental issues since then. Initially I had burning sensation in my gums and had toothache too but now after brushing my teeth with Dentune, I don't have any issues, no sensitivity, no cavities, no tooth pain, have to thank my father for introducing me to this amazing product, aryuvedic products rock...

Priya Behl (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

Dentune is way too good and healthy for my teeth. Till 4 years ago I used to brush with regular toothpaste everyday but my teeth would still ache and the mouth wudn't smell good after a while through the day. One of my friend recommended me to use Dentune. This mixture is non-sweet and does taste like clove for a few weeks but then when u see the results, u just feel awesome about it. Continuous usage ends tooth aches and tooth decays even of severe kinds and the mouth smells neutral even in the worst case scenarios. My teeth are not only ache free now but also whiter than ever before. I have recommended this Dentune to a lot of people and everybody has thanked me for sharing it with them.

Jatin Matta (Delhi- NCR)

I can say just one thing for this liquid toothpaste DENTUNE , My day is not completed without this toothpaste, it really makes my mouth so fresh.. Amazing herbal product, one of the best in market.

Sanjay Nokhwal (Hanumangarh, Rajasthan)

"I was really excited about Dentune because I drink coffee and I am a tea toddIer. so I am obsessed with keeping my teeth white and bright! After using it twice. I ran my tongue over my teeth to feel the smoothness. My teeth were clean and sparkly and my breath was fresh. Dentune is part of my daily routine.'

Dr. Arjun Bhugra (Haryana)

Good product. I use it daily.

Harsh Behl (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

'After gathering data, I find the Dentune brand to be very effective. It is a premium tooth concentrate and is completely natural non GMO that contains herbal extracts. Dentunemouth rinse is wonderful because it's a clear. alcohol free. Natural rinse with impressive elements."

Vishal Dhayal (Kota, Rajasthan)

I have been using Dentune- Liquid Toothpaste for past three years. The toothpaste is very good and effective for dental problems. 

Parul Ahuja (Chandigarh)

Hi! I am from Chandigarh, its been 2 years since i started using ur toothpaste. I had fluorosis in my upper teeth which was not esthetically pleasable for me, i met many dentists but they only charge me for the treatment with high cost, but then i tried your Dentune, and i got to see the change as your Dentune contains the right amount of flouride content than others. I must say 2 drops for your 32👌🏻

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